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    Former first lady Rosalynn Carter diagnosed with dementia

    Former first lady Rosalynn Carter has been diagnosed with dementia, The Carter Center announced on Tuesday

    Debt ceiling deal to prevent default faces first big test in key House committee

    GOP hard-liners on the House Rules Committee have vowed to block the bill.

    DeSantis kicks off presidential campaign in Iowa as he steps up criticism of Trump

    Ron DeSantis is kicking off his presidential campaign in Iowa at the start of a busy week that will take him to 12 cities in three states as he tests his pitch as the most formidable Republican challenger to former President Donald Trump

    Impeachment trial of Texas’ Ken Paxton to begin no later than August 28

    A historic impeachment trial in Texas to determine whether Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton should be permanently removed from office will begin no later than August in the state Senate

    Debt ceiling timeline: What’s next as lawmakers race to pass deal, prevent default

    Lawmakers have one week to pass a debt ceiling bill in Congress before the predicted June 5 "X-date" for default

    Biden marks Memorial Day nearly 2 years after ending America’s longest war

    The president said we "must never forget the price that was paid" by the troops.

    Key questions and takeaways from the debt ceiling deal

    Biden and McCarthy have reached a debt ceiling bill: What's in it and when does it need to pass to prevent a default?

    McCarthy defends debt ceiling deal, predicts Dems will help pass it to avert default

    A bipartisan majority of Congress will approve a debt ceiling deal in the coming days, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy predicted on Sunday

    McCarthy announces tentative debt limit deal with White House

    The agreement comes just days before potential default.

    Debt ceiling tentative deal is reached, McCarthy says

    The agreement comes just days before potential default.

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    Chinese jet said to carry out ‘aggressive’ maneuver in front of US military plane

    U.S. military releases video of Chinese fighter flying in front of U.S. military plane, Pentagon calls action "aggressive" maneuver and "unprofessional"

    Destructive Nova Scotia wildfires force thousands of Canadians to flee their homes

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