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    WATCH: Mary Millben sings the national anthem at RNC

    Actress Mary Millben, who has performed for four consecutive presidents, sang the national anthem to help open the fourth night of the convention.

    Biden’s new student loan plan blocked by federal appeals court

    A federal appeals court blocked the Biden administration’s new student loan relief plan, known as SAVE, on Thursday.

    Secret Service boss Cheatle not resigning after confrontation over Trump shooting

    Embattled Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle has no plans to resign after a group of GOP senators asked her to do so in a confrontation at the RNC.

    WATCH: What to expect from Trump’s RNC closing speech

    GOP nominee Donald Trump will take the stage on the final night of the RNC. Caroline Sunshine of the Trump-Vance campaign joins to discuss what we might expect.

    WATCH: How Trump’s message is playing out nationwide

    As the presidential election inches closer, voters are still making up their minds. California Republican Party Chair Jessica Patterson joins the show.

    Trump shooting live updates: Trump met with Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle

    Former President Donald Trump was rushed off stage during an election rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, on Saturday after he was shot in an assassination attempt.

    From Marine to politician: Inside JD Vance’s journey to the RNC stage

    A look into Sen. JD Vance's life from a Marine to a politician as he makes history at the RNC as the first post-9/11 veteran on a major party's presidential ticket.

    Trump to give RNC keynote, says he’ll stress ‘unity’ after assassination attempt

    Former President Donald Trump will formally accept the GOP presidential nomination Thursday night and deliver his first speech since Saturday's assassination attempt.

    WATCH: RNC Day 3 highlights: J.D. Vance delivers remarks as Trump’s VP nominee

    Trump’s VP pick, J.D. Vance, along with his wife Usha Vance, made their national debut on the 3rd night of the Republican National Convention.

    WATCH: Donald Trump Jr.: ‘On Nov. 5, we will fight with our vote’

    After introducing his daughter, Kai Trump, at the RNC, Donald Trump Jr. praised the teen for her "incredible work" then said, "Now back to business."

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    Mississippi jail where murder suspects escaped had surveillance camera issues

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    A postal worker was fatally shot in front of a residence in Chicago on Friday, officials said.