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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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    Lava flow from Spanish island volcano likened to a tsunami

    A second 4.5-magnitude earthquake in two days has rattled the Spanish island of La Palma

    White House plans to address economic risk of climate change

    Biden administration taking steps to address economic risks from climate change.

    Lucy in the sky: Spacecraft will visit record 8 asteroids

    NASA is on an asteroid roll as it gets set to launch a series of spacecraft to visit and even bash some of the solar system's most enticing rocks

    Wildfire rages in Southern California coastal mountains

    A historic drought tied to climate change is making wildfires harder to fight.

    WATCH: 90-year-old actor William Shatner becomes oldest person to venture into space

    William Shatner was overcome with emotion upon his return to earth after his 11-minute flight to the edge of the final frontier.

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    UNC can continue to consider race as a factor in admissions process, judge rules

    A federal judge ruled Monday that the University of North Carolina did not discriminate against applicants who were White and Asian-American during the university's undergraduate admissions process, according to court documents.

    Australia is offering money to help victims leave violent partners

    The Australian government is offering one-off payments to help people leave violent relationships.

    NYC to remove Thomas Jefferson statue from legislative chamber

    A vote by a little-known New York City committee on Monday signals the end to a two-decade effort to remove a statue of Thomas Jefferson from the chambers of the New York City Council.