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Sunday, February 28, 2021
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    SoftBank says deal reached with WeWork founder, directors

    SoftBank Group Corp. has reached a settlement in a U.S. legal dispute with directors of office space-sharing venture WeWork Inc. and its founder Adam Neumann

    FCC to provide $50 subsidies on internet for low-income households

    The Federal Communications Commission greenlit a program to provide low-income households with $50 a month subsidies for broadband internet.

    Parliamentarian: COVID-19 bill must lose minimum wage hike

    It will force Democrats to make politically painful choices about what's next.

    Digital exchange Coinbase takes a step toward going public

    Digital currency exchange Coinbase is looking to become a publicly traded company, a move being hailed by some as a start to helping cryptocurrency gain more mainstream acceptance

    Former SC utility executive to plead guilty in two courts

    The utility executive who spent billions of dollars on two South Carolina nuclear plants that never generated a single watt of power is expected to plead guilty in two courts Wednesday

    Nearly 40,000 Macs infected by mysterious malware, researchers say

    Mysterious malware has infected nearly 40,000 Mac devices, according to the cybersecurity firm Red Canary, which first detected the threat.

    Agony of post-COVID-19 loss of smell

    A year into the coronavirus pandemic, doctors are striving to better understand and treat patients who lose their sense of smell

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    Fraternity shut down, under investigation after death of freshman student

    A fraternity at a Virginia college is under investigation after a freshman was found dead off campus this weekend.

    The stories of Black, enslaved people in the Great Smokies are lost in history....

    Great Smoky Mountains National Park's African American Experience Project aims to unearth stories of Black people who helped build the area's history.