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    France’s far right is gaining momentum for the first time since World War II

    The political landscape in France is shifting, with a far right party continuing to gain momentum ahead of the country's snap parliamentary elections later this month.

    Taco prices are going up in Mexico and a certain soapy herb is to...

    A cilantro shortage has lead to a spike in price for the herb - and that is making tacos more expensive in Mexico.

    California’s ban on hidden ‘junk fees’ takes effect in July

    In July, a new state law in California will require businesses to disclose all costs up front — a ban on so-called “junk fees” on everything from hotel rooms,...

    CDC report finds nursing homes lag behind in COVID vaccinations

    COVID continues to menace nursing homes across the US. In a new report, the CDC found just 4 out of 10 nursing home residents have gotten an updated COVID shot...

    Why the heat wave hitting the Midwest and the East Coast is particularly dangerous

    A dangerous heat dome is coming to the Midwest and East Coast. It's particularly risky because it's happening early in the season, before many have acclimated to summer heat.

    Saturday Sports: Stanley Cup, remembering Willie Mays

    NPR's Don Gonyea and ESPN's Michele Steele discuss the Stanley Cup and remember baseball legend Willie Mays.

    Behind the scenes of Detroit’s urban resurgence

    Detroit's population is growing, a first since the 1950s. The uptick is small but significant for a city that's struggled for decades.

    How women runners debunked myths about the sport and made running their own

    For centuries, women weren't considered fast enough or strong enough to race. They've broken every barrier and disproved falsehoods about their fitness for the sport, in some cases outcompeting...

    Coming out later in life was hard. But I’m the happiest I’ve ever been

    <img src='https://mypoteau.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/5504x3096-scaled.jpg' alt='Morning Edition producer Julie Depenbrock and her girlfriend Amanda Gomez on a hike with their dog, Bentley.'/>Everyone’s coming out journey is different. This is mine.

    Will Trump give the familiar VP storyline a new makeover in Milwaukee?

    Our system has long ago absorbed the lesson that vice presidents are chosen largely for effect, despite all the rhetoric about someone being the “most qualified person” to be...

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    Hawaii lifeguard dies in shark attack while surfing off Oahu

    Hawaii authorities say a professional lifeguard has died after he was attacked by a shark while surfing off the island of Oahu

    Wisconsin judge to weigh letting people with disabilities vote electronically from home in November

    A Wisconsin judge is expected to consider whether to allow people with disabilities to vote electronically from home in the swing state this fall

    More than 15 policemen, several civilians killed by gunmen in Russia’s Dagestan region

    Gunmen opened fire on two Orthodox churches, a synagogue and a police post in two cities, according to the authorities.