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    New York City eyes French 'health pass' vaccination policy

    New York Mayor Bill de Blasio appeared to entertain the possibility of implementing vaccination passports in the nation's largest city Friday.

    State offers $1 million COVID-19 vaccination scholarship program

    Maryland launches $1 million vaccination scholarship program, VaxU.

    Federal court lifts CDC rules for Florida-based cruise ships

    The federal court lifts CDC rules for Florida-based cruise ships.

    31 children test positive at summer camp

    Dozens of children tested positive for COVID-19 in an outbreak at an upstate New York summer camp, health officials confirmed.

    Talk radio host with COVID regrets vaccine hesitancy

    A conservative talk radio host from Tennessee who had been a vaccine skeptic until he was hospitalized from COVID-19 now says his listeners should get vaccinated

    Stanford reports 7 breakthrough cases of COVID-19 among fully vaccinated students

    Stanford University reported at least seven confirmed cases of COVID-19 among fully vaccinated students this week.

    'Superbug' fungus spread in two cities, health officials say

    U.S. health officials say they now have evidence that an untreatable “superbug” fungus has spread in two hospitals and a nursing home

    What is a COVID-19 vaccine 'breakthrough' case?

    A small number of COVID-19 “breakthrough” cases are expected after vaccination, and health officials say they’re not a cause for alarm

    Florida hospitals returning to COVID-19 peak amid delta surge

    Hospital officials in Northeast Florida are urging people to get vaccinated, as the number of COVID-19 patients is approaching or exceeding levels they previously saw.

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