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    Harris to discuss drought, climate change at Lake Mead

    Harris on Monday will highlight the problems caused by Western drought.

    Harris to discuss drought, climate change at Lake Mead

    Vice President Kamala Harris on Monday will visit Lake Mead in Nevada to highlight the problems caused by Western drought

    Kids in California county care sleeping on floor in building

    A California county executive is pledging immediate changes.

    In New Hampshire, vaccine fights and misinformation roil GOP

    Republicans in New Hampshire are struggling to contain a party wing that's promoting conspiracy views about the COVID-19 vaccine and pushing back against federal vaccine mandates

    Cities, police unions clash as vaccine mandates take effect

    Police departments that are requiring officers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 are running up against pockets of resistance across the U.S. Police unions and officers are pushing back by filing lawsuits to block the mandates

    New Mexico judge denies lab workers' claim in vaccine fight

    A New Mexico judge has denied a request by dozens of scientists and others at Los Alamos National Laboratory who sought to block a vaccine mandate

    Abortion supporters ask Oklahoma court to put 3 laws on hold

    Reproductive rights supporters are asking the Oklahoma Supreme Court to put three anti-abortion laws on hold, including restrictions on medication-induced abortions

    GOP lawmakers lead lawsuits against Connecticut COVID rules

    "It’s just an odd one to sue the state you represent."

    China warns against 'manipulation' of WHO virus probe

    China’s Foreign Ministry has warned against what it calls possible “political manipulation” of a renewed probe by the World Health Organization into the origins of the coronavirus

    Why monoclonal antibodies aren't vaccine substitute

    Data supporting antibodies is limited compared to that for authorized vaccines.

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    Bannon served a prominent role in Donald Trump's first campaign, then in the White House. Trump and Bannon stayed in touch ahead of the...

    'Eye-opening moment': City leaders, police departments push back over impending COVID vaccine mandates

    As COVID-19 vaccine mandate deadlines loom over police departments nationwide, leaders must now decide whether defiant officers can keep their jobs.