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    Man kills grizzly bear in Montana after it attacks while he is picking berries

    A man picking huckleberries in Montana shot and killed a grizzly bear after it attacked and injured him badly enough that he had to be hospitalized

    Man accused of fatally shooting 5 people, including his wife and 2 kids

    The quintuple homicide occurred in West Blocton in Bibb County Thursday around 10 p.m. CT, state authorities said.

    Harvey Weinstein set to be retried on sex crime charges Nov. 12

    The judge said he was open to an earlier trial date depending on how quickly prosecutors move through the grand jury.

    Former Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg released from jail

    Ex-Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg has been released from jail after serving 100 days for committing perjury in Donald Trump’s fraud case.

    Treasury warns that anti-woke banking laws like Florida’s are a national security risk

    The Treasury Department is warning that state laws that restrict banks from considering environmental, social and governance factors could harm efforts to address money laundering and terrorism financing

    Accused of biting police official, NYC Council member says police were the aggressors

    A New York City Council member accused of biting a police official says officers used excessive force as she tried to help someone who was lying under a barricade at a protest

    United, Delta and American Airlines issue global ground stop on all flights

    United, Delta and American Airlines have asked the FAA for a global ground stop on all flights.

    Trump shooter signed up online to attend rally a week before shooting: Source

    An individual using the name of the 20-year-old Pennsylvania man who attempted to assassinate former President Trump signed up online to attend the rally, a source says.

    Did Trump’s alleged shooter expect to survive attack? What evidence suggests so far

    As investigators look into the suspect who attempted to assassinate Donald Trump, investigators are wondering whether the shooter expected to survive the attack.

    ‘Major disaster’: AGs urge FEMA to reclassify extreme heat and wildfire smoke

    Leaders called on FEMA officials to "initiate a rulemaking" that would recognize extreme heat and wildfire smoke events as major disasters under the Stafford Act.

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    Scientists may have discovered a rare spade-toothed whale

    Scientists in New Zealand have discovered what they believe may be a rare spade-toothed whale - a creature that's never been spotted alive at...

    Mississippi jail where murder suspects escaped had surveillance camera issues

    Two men escaped from a Mississippi jail in early July. ABC News has since learned that the escape was not recorded and that the jail was experiencing camera issues.

    Postal worker fatally shot in front of Chicago residence: Officials

    A postal worker was fatally shot in front of a residence in Chicago on Friday, officials said.