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Friday, January 27, 2023
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    Protests across the Middle East against Quran burning

    Angry protesters in several Middle Eastern countries have gathered to denounce the recent desecration of Islam’s holy book by far-right activists in Sweden and the Netherlands

    UK student nurse charged with taking bomb to maternity ward

    A student nurse has appeared in a British court charged with planning to attack an air force base and taking a home-made bomb to a hospital maternity unit where he worked

    Watchdog blames Syria’s air force for deadly chlorine attack

    An investigation by the global chemical weapons watchdog established there are “reasonable grounds to believe” Syria’s air force dropped two cylinders containing chlorine gas on the city of Douma in April 2018, killing 43 people

    Jerusalem, West Bank on edge after outbreak of violence

    Israel’s defense minister signaled Friday that the military would stop its airstrikes if Palestinian militant groups halted rocket attacks, a day after the deadliest Israeli raid in decades raised the prospect of a major flare-up in fighting

    Elton John concert canceled due to wild New Zealand weather

    Torrential rain and wild weather in Auckland has caused disruptions throughout the city and an Elton John concert to be canceled just before it was due to start

    Top Islamic State leader killed in U.S. raid in Somalia, officials say

    Bilal al-Sudani, a top leader and organizer with the Islamic State, was killed in a risky U.S. military ground raid in northern Somalia, official said

    WATCH: Huge iceberg breaks away in Antarctica

    A huge iceberg some 600 square miles — approximately the size of Oklahoma City — is seen calving from an ice shelf.

    Nobel laureate wants more to help probe Russian war crimes

    A Ukrainian human rights lawyer who shared last year’s Nobel Peace Prize is calling for more international investigative and legal help to deal with the staggering amount of war crimes cases since Russia invaded its neighbor almost a year ago

    WATCH: India’s daredevil military bikers perform outrageous stunts

    India's Corps of Signals perform daredevil formations at the country's Republic Day Parade.

    Andrew Tate appears for day two of forensic device searches

    Romanian prosecutors are continuing to search digital devices seized in the case of Andrew Tate, the influential internet personality who is detained in Romania on suspicion of organized crime and human trafficking

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    Man who claimed he had bomb near Capitol pleads guilty

    A man who caused evacuations and an hourslong standoff with police on Capitol Hill when he claimed he had a bomb in his pickup truck outside the Library of Congress has pleaded guilty to a charge of threatening to use an explosive