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Sunday, September 25, 2022
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    Dow sinks to 2022 low as recession fears roil world markets

    Stocks tumbled worldwide on mounting signs the global economy is weakening.

    What the Fed’s rate hike means for mortgages

    Home prices are falling but higher mortgage rates are offsetting the savings.

    Walmart, Target begin holiday early to ease inflation sting

    Walmart and Target plan to begin offering deals and price matching offers earlier this year to keep up with Americans pressed by soaring inflation and looking for ways to take the sting out of holiday shopping

    Cyberattack steals passenger data from Portuguese airline

    Portugal’s national airline TAP Air Portugal says hackers obtained the personal data of some of its customers and have published the information on the dark web

    Fed hikes benchmark rate 0.75% in significant escalation of inflation fight

    The Federal Reserve rate hike arrives roughly one week after a higher-than-expected inflation report.

    Germany nationalizes country’s biggest gas importer Uniper

    The German government has agreed to nationalize the country’s biggest gas importing company, Uniper, expanding state intervention in the industry to prevent an energy shortgage resulting from Russia’s war in Ukraine

    4 Ukrainian separatist regions plan votes to join Russia

    The separatist leaders of four Russian-controlled areas of Ukraine say they are planning to hold votes starting later this week for the territories to become part of Russia as Moscow loses ground in the war it launched

    Global Fund gets powerful help with $18 billion funding goal

    The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria will get some high-powered help this week to reach its $18 billion goal to fund another three years to slow the spread of these diseases

    Putin blasts US attempts to preserve global domination

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has blasted what he described as the U.S. efforts to preserve its global domination

    Fed rate hikes haven’t curbed inflation much. These policies may work instead

    Alternative measures for fighting inflation include price controls and a windfall profits tax.

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